Scope of provided services

All Skurvish Enterprises software comes with technical support for the period of the purchased subscription. Furthermore, the support is limited to one domain per subscription. For support purposes, a single installation of Joomla® is treated as one domain.

No warranty

The software is distributed by Skurvish Enterprises in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details. You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with the extension. If not, see <>.

Refund policy

Due to the nature of the software products Skurvish Enterprises is unable to provide a functional demo for you to evaluate. We do however make the documentation available in order that you can make an educated decision before purchasing. If you are unsure whether the software fits your needs, please contact us before purchasing.

On the following conditions you may be eligible for refund:

  1. You purchased a wrong subscription and have not yet downloaded the software. Since we do not have any control over the software after it is downloaded, we treat the software as being used after it is downloaded. Please do contact us for any membership switch overs before you download the software.
  2. Issues related to hosting/installation which we could not fix and the software cannot be used on your website. We do not support the localhost websites and the sites which we do not have access to. 
  3. Charged multiple times for the same subscription

Support policy

We only provide support to our subscribers through our site's forum section. We will not provide support by any other means including, but not limited to, email, regular mail, telephone, Twitter, Facebook, Skype and so on. If you wish to receive support without using our site's forum section or demand that you be given a full discount in violation of our refund policy we reserve the right to request to be paid according to our regular consultancy rates. Our regular consultancy rates are $50 USD per hour (plus VAT, where applicable), minimum charge one hour paid in advance.

Subscriptions at Skurvish Enterprises are not to be considered as a guarantee of response time or a service level agreement. All support requests are answered on a "best effort" basis. If you have not received any response within 3 business days (Monday to Friday), please use the Contact Us page to let us know the issue. If we determine that there is an objective difficulty in providing support to you over our forum section we will provide you with support over email, in exception of our support policy.

We reserve the right to provide no support for outdated versions of our software or when your server environment does not meet our minimum requirements. Support policy details regarding different versions of our software and server environment are detailed in our release announcements. We reserve the right to give you a link to our troubleshooting page, documentation and/or previous support topics if we deem it necessary for providing better support. We will not provide support for issues not related to our software or services. We reserve the right to decline support if the request or the conversation is conducted in a language other than English or when the language barrier makes it impossible to provide meaningful support. We reserve the right to decline support when access to the affected site is denied or objectively impossible. We reserve the right to decline providing support on a case by case basis (even though we do try to help everyone), with or without a reply to your support request. We assume no responsibility for any issues directly or indirectly caused by our support efforts, as per the "No warranty" article of this policy. We reserve the right to close support topics for any reason deemed appropriate. We reserve the right to decline providing support for issues which have to do with using Joomla!, not our software (e.g. Joomla! ACLs). We reserve the right to close or delete forum/support topics if the user refuses to follow our instructions and insists on receiving support (our instructions are support and you're supposed to follow them in order for us to help you). We reserve the right to edit or delete topics or topic replies. We reserve the right to close or delete topics and/or block accounts of users who become abusive and/or pugnacious in their support replies; we are trying to help frustrated users under adverse conditions, please respect it and understand that we are neither deities nor saints.

Fair use policy

The owners of Skurvish Enterprises believe in software Freedom and strive to provide low cost, high quality services surrounding their software. In order to keep the costs low, without placing artificial restrictions, we have a fair use policy in place. In no event shall we provide support to anyone who is seeking our support for more than one domain per subscription. This restriction is in place to deter edge cases, like a hosting provider buying a single subscription, installing the software on all of his clients' sites and then overflowing our support services with its client's requests. If such behavior is detected, we regret to inform you that we will immediately terminate the user account without a refund.

Moreover, Skurvish Enterprises reserves the right to terminate any account which is suspected in being implicated in unlawful or abusive activity, including –but not limited to– unsolicited mass distribution of our for-a-fee software. Account termination is in the sole discretion of Skurvish Enterprises and we reserve the right to not provide any prior warning or further information.

We reserve the right to terminate user accounts (upon fair warning) of users who are submitting the same support requests numerous times to our support system. We reserve the right to block or terminate accounts (upon fair warning) of users who submit an excessive amount of support requests.

Actions for content beyond fair use and account termination policy 

If the content you submit to Skurvish Enterprises is deemed offensive, inappropriate, defamatory, objectionable or in any other way engage in disruptive behavior we reserve the right to use your personal information to stop such behavior.

If Skurvish Enterprises believes on reasonable grounds that you are in violation of the laws of Canada, we reserve the right to submit your personal information - including the content itself and any other relevant information about you - to the proper authorities, such as law enforcement, your ISP or school email / ISP.

Skurvish Enterprises reserves the right to terminate user accounts when the aforementioned fair use rules are violated. Furthermore, Skurvish Enterprises reserves the right to terminate user accounts if the user is posting unsolicited messages (spam), engaged in sites or services promoting the unauthorized distribution of proprietary or other distributed for-a-fee software (warez), directly promoting or linking to resources promoting indecent or unlawful actions, or in any other way trying to disrupt or diminish the quality of the services offered by this site. Account termination takes place without prior notice and is considered final. Holders of terminated accounts, if they are paid subscribers, will not be refunded. Skurvish Enterprises reserves the right to terminate any further user accounts created by the holder of a terminated account, or any other person, business or organization affiliated with or endorsed by the holder of a terminated account.

Zero spam tolerance

As noted above, if you send out an unsolicited message, your account will be terminated without prior notice. One strike and you're out. Moreover, you will feed our anti-spam filter with keywords so that you can't spam us again.

Zero bandits tolerance

If you do as much as imply that you are encouraging people to use illegal or unofficial copies of software your account will be terminated without prior notice, as noted above. Respect the work of others and we'll respect you. If you don't and act as a bandit, you'll be treated as one.

Updates to our ToS and Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to add, remove or modify any section, article or paragraph of our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy without prior notice. All changes are effective immediately.

Privacy Policy 

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